October 7, 2021

Part Time Player

Welcome back!! This week is action packed with NFL breakdowns, Urban Meyer getting twerked on, Andrew Wiggins getting his vax, Kyrie living the dream being that he can only play half the games due to his vaccination situation and much more. Check us out!!

October 1, 2021

Kyrie Hates Basketball

Surprise, surprise. Kyrie threatening to not play again. This time due to the vaccine. This time we agree with him we’re just tired of him not playing!!  In addition to that, we have more sports betting talk, break down the rookie QBs so far, weekly NFL recap, and much more. Check us out!!

September 22, 2021

Bye Bye Ben

This week’s episode is full of injuries and action from week 2 in the NFL, Ben Simmons requesting a trade, our betting picks for this week and much more. Check us out!!

September 17, 2021

Taylor Meineke

This week we break down week 1 of the NFL, talk about John Wall and the Rockets agreeing to part ways, Aaron Rodgers terrible game, and much more. Check us out!!

September 11, 2021

Welcome Back NFL!!

This episode is all football baby!! Thursday night finally kicked off the NFL season with a thrilling 2 point win for the Bucs over the Cowboys. We also make our predictions for the upcoming season, talk about early injury problems for the Ravens, and much more. Check us out!!

August 19, 2021

Get a Brush!

KD and Draymond Green sat down for a pretty good interview regarding the past of them and the Warriors team they were on. Draymond also thinks that was the best era of basketball 🙄. In addition to that, we talk about Tebow getting cut, Clay Matthews possible comeback, and much more. Check us out!!

August 9, 2021

All Gold Everything

Shoutout to the men’s and women’s USA basketball teams on winning the gold. This week’s episode, we also talk about NBA free agency, Josh Allen’s monster contract, Carson Wentz getting injured, and much more. Check us out!!!

July 31, 2021

To Vax, or Not To Vax?

The NFL is trying to force the players to get vaccinated without actually forcing them. Are they wrong for this?  In addition to the vaccine situation, we also talk about the Simone Biles controversy, the NBA draft, USA basketball and much more. Check us out!!

Shout out to Giannis and the Bucks on winning the NBA finals. Giannis put up one if the better performances ever seen with 50 pts!! This episode also touches on Maria Taylor leaving ESPN, NFL Covid forfeits, Deion Sanders press conference, and more. Check us out!!

July 15, 2021

Shades of OJ

Richard Sherman channeled his inner OJ and was arrested for trying to force his way into his in laws home. In addition to that, we talk about the NBA finals, team USA being terrible, Kawhi’s injury and much more. Check us out!! 

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