November 20, 2021

Chef Curry

Steph Curry definitely seems like he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder or something to prove. With that being said, we discuss if he’s front runner for this years MVP or not. We also take a look at this weeks NFL games, the Jets starting Joe Flacco, our Dallas trip and much more. Check us out!!

November 13, 2021

Ain’t No Way Boy

Another live epsilon in the books! Shoutout to everyone in attendance for this episode. This week was packed with NFL news from OBJ to the Rams, Cam back to the Panthers, Rodgers Covid situation, Diallo setting up her teammate to get beat, and much more. Check us out!!

November 6, 2021

City of Sins

This week’s episode we touch on the very unfortunate situation that Henry Ruggs was involved in. In addition to that, we have our weekly NFL breakdown, OBJ talk, Calvin Ridley dealing with mental health issues, and much more. Check us out!!

October 30, 2021

The 90s Are Back

The NFL decided to change up the Rooney tule by stating you have to interview TWO minorities for your organization instead of one. Which in our opinion does nothing to change the lack of minority head coaches. In addition to that, we break down last week’s games, talk about the Nets and Lakers recent struggles, JJ Watt’s season ending injury, and more. Check us out!!

October 23, 2021

Episode 100!!

Shout out to all our regular listeners!! In our 100th episode we have a ton of NFL and NBA talk as the new season is now underway. Check out this jam packed, milestone episode!!

October 16, 2021

99 Problems

With the Nets seeming ready to move forward without Kyrie, we talk about possible outcomes of Kyrie’s future with the team. We also breakdown Week 5 of the NFL, JR Smith getting stung by hornets at his golf debut, John Gruden and more. Check us out!!

October 7, 2021

Part Time Player

Welcome back!! This week is action packed with NFL breakdowns, Urban Meyer getting twerked on, Andrew Wiggins getting his vax, Kyrie living the dream being that he can only play half the games due to his vaccination situation and much more. Check us out!!

October 1, 2021

Kyrie Hates Basketball

Surprise, surprise. Kyrie threatening to not play again. This time due to the vaccine. This time we agree with him we’re just tired of him not playing!!  In addition to that, we have more sports betting talk, break down the rookie QBs so far, weekly NFL recap, and much more. Check us out!!

September 22, 2021

Bye Bye Ben

This week’s episode is full of injuries and action from week 2 in the NFL, Ben Simmons requesting a trade, our betting picks for this week and much more. Check us out!!

September 17, 2021

Taylor Meineke

This week we break down week 1 of the NFL, talk about John Wall and the Rockets agreeing to part ways, Aaron Rodgers terrible game, and much more. Check us out!!

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